Cowboy Indian Bear: Saline [Video]

As odd as it may sound, the music created by Cowboy Indian Bear fits perfectly with the band’s name. Somewhere in the pallid obscurity of a peyote high, out in rustic Deliverance-land in middle America, their music is the loop-filled psychedelic daydream you have during a bout of insomnia at 3am. Luscious harmonies and a… Continue reading Cowboy Indian Bear: Saline [Video]

Album Reviews

Capybara: Try Brother [Album Review]

Like any genre, folk has artists that are true to the origins of its particular style of music. And, like any genre, it has artists that push the boundaries. Capybara is of the latter classification. Try Brother sees the group expanding into new arenas, mashing pop and freak-folk, and sure, let’s throw in a splash… Continue reading Capybara: Try Brother [Album Review]