On the Radio

Vinyl Only Night on KSVR

As you may already know, but I’ll state it nonetheless for those who do not, I have a weekly radio show on KSVR Mount Vernon, KSVU Hamilton and KSJU Friday Harbor. You can tune in via the respective dial pinpoints if you live within those townships, or you can stream from KSVR.org. We will be… Continue reading Vinyl Only Night on KSVR

On the Radio

On Air at KSVR: March 8, 2013 Playlist

I received a message from Stuarto requesting I cover his show in the late afternoon hours of Friday, March 8. After a minute or two to think about it, I agreed. In all the times I’ve covered for his show over the past year and a half, I have never done a show that gives… Continue reading On Air at KSVR: March 8, 2013 Playlist

Song Reviews

Summer Babes: Crack Habbit [mp3]

Summer Babes is a new garage pop band from Seattle featuring Jeff Albertson, who you may know as the bass player of The Lights. “Crack Habit” is a super catchy pop track packed with indecipherable lyrics, heavy lo-fi percussion, loud fuzzy guitars, and a bouncy keyboard riff. The song can be found on the band’s… Continue reading Summer Babes: Crack Habbit [mp3]

Lists And Mixes

20 Must Hear Albums from 2010: A Mid-Year List

I know, I’ve owed this one to you, my readers, for a few months now. The plan originally was to concoct a sort of mid-year recap of the first half, dictating a slew of wonderful albums that may or may not come to find a spot on the inevitable end-of-year list. A hint at what… Continue reading 20 Must Hear Albums from 2010: A Mid-Year List