Song Reviews

The Eversons: The End Of The World

New Zealand pop band The Eversons have given us a fitting (for today) rendition of the Skeeter Davis classic “The End of The World”. Featuring co-front-man Chris Young on vocals and a softly finger-plucked acoustic guitar, along with a chorus of back-up singers, The Eversons’ version may be among the better covers of this song… Continue reading The Eversons: The End Of The World


The Eversons: Hyacinth Girl (Video)

Sunny pop hooks clash with punk riffs and witty lyrics/vocals in The Everson’s debut LP, Summer Feeling. Influences run rampant, ranging from a predilection toward the vocal harmonies of 60s pop, early pop-punk, and more recent art wave. The New Zealand band’s guitar-based features Mark Turner of Little Pictures as lead vocalist (well, one of… Continue reading The Eversons: Hyacinth Girl (Video)