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WeePOP! Records [Label Spotlight]

There is a growing underground force of pop labels releasing music on nontraditional formats. Of these formats, two prevalent ones, at least in the lo-fi pop and twee pop arenas, are cassette and the 3-inch single. Being such a strong fan of the genres that release via these formats, one would think I would have… Continue reading WeePOP! Records [Label Spotlight]

Song Reviews

The 1959 Hat Company: Intersection [mp3]

A while ago, we covered Thunder Power’s new track “Heartifact” off their upcoming split 10″ EP with The 1959 Hat Company. Finally available is a track from the other half of that record. The 1959 Hat Company has made “Intersection” available, and we’re pretty stoked about this one. I’ve been curious about the Ohio-based band… Continue reading The 1959 Hat Company: Intersection [mp3]