Fishboy Releases “Classic Creeps” Acoustic, Live and with a Tour Diary Comic!

Fishboy is one of my favorite bands because frontman Eric Michener approaches music in a different way than most musicians. His albums, at least the latest two in Classic Creeps and Albatross, follow stories chronologically throughout the album. They’re amusing, funny and lighthearted. While Classic Creeps was originally released back in 2011, Michener recently released… Continue reading Fishboy Releases “Classic Creeps” Acoustic, Live and with a Tour Diary Comic!

Song Reviews

The Capsules: Our Apocalypse (Track Review)

Julie Shields has a voice perfect for indie pop, which is what makes The Capsules somewhat confounding. Northern Skies & Southern Lights is The Capsules new album and on it you’ll find sonic soundscapes, dreamy missives, and surreal audible storms. “Our Apocalypse” in particular has a monumental sound that rivals a cavernous mid-winter darkness.


This Will Destroy You: Black Dunes

“Black Dunes” by This Will Destroy You is a song entirely dark and ghostly. Beginning with subtle sounds, this post-rock meets shoegaze band out of Texas does a great job creating a haunting melody, and their new video for “Black Dunes” capitalizes on their ability to create an eerie song. Malcolm Elijah overlaps black and… Continue reading This Will Destroy You: Black Dunes

Song Reviews

Pandit: Artichoke [mp3]

Contrary to the word’s Indian and Hindu heritage, the band Pandit is from an entirely different land. Pandit is Lance Smith from Texas and his latest work is a drum-heavy psychedelic dream pop album called Eternity Spin. This album, in my opinion, has one of the better album covers we’ve seen in a while. Eternity… Continue reading Pandit: Artichoke [mp3]