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Y La Bamba: Oh February (Album Review)

Oh February is the latest by Portland multi-lingual folk band Y La Bamba; it’s a six-song EP filled with harmonic female-fronted, male-backed vocals. Intricate as usual, Oh February has high influence from front-woman Luz Elena Mendoza’s Latin heritage paired with she and her bandmates’ indie-folk background.

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Y La Bamba: Squawk

Portland’s Y La Bamba returns Februar 28 with a new record called Court The Storm on Tender Loving Empire. The band has just released “Squawk”, the album’s opening track, and we hear a similar South American-influenced art folk we received on their debut full-length Lupon from 2010. “Squawk” features harmony vocals, hand claps, and wild… Continue reading Y La Bamba: Squawk

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Jared Mees & The Grown Children: Only Good Thoughts Can Stay (Album Review)

The merry men (and woman) are back! Jared Mees & The Grown Children somehow found time between touring the nation at an astonishing pace to record their fantastic new album, Only Good Thoughts Can Stay. It’s been almost three years since Jared and the gang shook the world with their acclaimed release Caffeine, Alcohol, Sunshine,… Continue reading Jared Mees & The Grown Children: Only Good Thoughts Can Stay (Album Review)

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Typhoon: Summer Home MP3

Early in May, the girlfriend and I drove out to the Pullman/Moscow area in Eastern Washington and Western Idaho. I love this drive, as you see so many distinct types of land, and the weather was near perfect. The reason for this tirade is that we must have listened to “The Honest Truth” by Typhoon… Continue reading Typhoon: Summer Home MP3


Typhoon [Feature]

Typhoon is an eleven piece ensemble band from Portland, OR. With their album Hunger and Thirst (produced with Portland’s incredible label Tender Loving Empire), they’ve garnered quite a bit of positive attention, none of it undeserved. Named for a Nietzsche thought, Typhoon create songs highly emotive and visceral in both structure and theme. Their music… Continue reading Typhoon [Feature]


An Interview with Y La Bamba’s Luz Mendoza

The music of Portland based band Y La Bamba is that of beautiful, intoxicating contrasts. Both parts calming and alarming, meditative and flippant, their songs weave the delicate web of a line between the joy and sorrow of being alive. I was fortunate enough to see them play in Pullman (alongside Buffalo Death Beam and… Continue reading An Interview with Y La Bamba’s Luz Mendoza

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Y La Bamba: Juniper [mp3]

“Juniper”, off Y La Bamba‘s forthcoming record, Lupon, is a mystical and haunting display of beauty. Produced by Chris Funk of The Decemberists, “Juniper” is the continuing realization of Y La Bamba’s influences that stem from her strict Catholic upbringing to being the only daughter of a Mexican immigrant. Weaved within her folk melodies is… Continue reading Y La Bamba: Juniper [mp3]