Tempo No Tempo: Pole Position [Video]

Tempo No Tempo‘s Waking Heat made it into my Top 50 Albums of 2009 thanks to rockin’ dub beats and intense vocal hooks. Top songs, in my opinion, were “The Rat (Pt. 1)” and “Medicine”. Just under those two stellar tunes is “Pole Position”, and it is that song to which they’ve given video treatment.… Continue reading Tempo No Tempo: Pole Position [Video]

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FensePost Top 50: The Best Albums of 2009

2009 is a tough year to judge. I’ve checked out more albums this year than any year in the past. Well over 1,000. And there have been quite a few great ones as well. When this list began, it had 110 albums. I abandoned my top 33 and 1/3 for 45, and then said “screw… Continue reading FensePost Top 50: The Best Albums of 2009


Tempo No Tempo [Feature Band]

There’s a growing obsession taking place here, and it’s with Tempo No Tempo‘s new release Waking Heat. Now, I’ve only heard two tracks — “The Rat (Part One)” and “Medicines” — but I can tell you that both are pretty damn great. And if they’re telling of the rest of Waking Heat, we’re all in… Continue reading Tempo No Tempo [Feature Band]