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Mid Year Best of 2013: The Year’s Top Albums from Jan to June

Today (June 6) is FensePost’s seventh birthday, and since I didn’t post anything this morning I kept my head down, powered through and wrapped by mid-year best of 2013 list, covering my top 10 LPs from January to June. Before jumping into the list, let’s go over a few of the more highly anticipated albums… Continue reading Mid Year Best of 2013: The Year’s Top Albums from Jan to June

On the Radio

KSVR Radio Recap: April 5, 2013

Next week is the pledge drive, meaning all of you should tune in to my show from 10pm to midnight PST on Friday, April 12 and pledge your support for independent radio. For my April 5 show, I returned to playing primarily new tunes, opening with the stellar new track by Sweden’s Lars Bygdén, dropping… Continue reading KSVR Radio Recap: April 5, 2013

Album Reviews

Tartufi: These Factory Days

Post-rock, perhaps more than most genres, has an inherent ability to lump together artists so diverse they seemingly should not fit in even close to similar categorical sub-genres, yet alone within the exact same sub-genre. Post-rock, then, features artists as wide-ranging as folk-centric epic-masterpiece purveyors Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra, the soft-loud-soft instrumental rock-ists… Continue reading Tartufi: These Factory Days