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Talkdemonic: Revival MP3

Foosball tournament enthusiast Kevin O’Connor is back under the guise of Talkdemonic with his music-making cohort Lisa Molinaro. The duo has a new album in the mix, and thus a new song for public consumption. That song is “Revival” and it continues Talkdemonic’s steadfast style of somewhat always eclectic, ever loud and clever percussion-meets-strings instrumental… Continue reading Talkdemonic: Revival MP3

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Cumulus Festival 2010 Begins Tomorrow!

So last year I wrote a little post to introduce y’all to some sweet bands playing in the Cumulus Festival. As the second installment of the fest begins tomorrow, I figured I should do it again. After all, FensePost loves supporting local PNW bands and Cumulus Festival does a good job billing them to play.

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Talkdemonic: Eyes At Half Mast [Album Review]

Written by Fense I missed out on Beat Romantic. Sure, I own a copy of the album, but I didn’t pick up the pristine green vinyl version before it sold out. I told myself I wouldn’t let that happen on the new Talkdemonic (MySpace) album, Eyes At Half Mast. And I didn’t—this one is on… Continue reading Talkdemonic: Eyes At Half Mast [Album Review]