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Club 8: Stop Taking My Time

I admit, I freak out a bit each time I hear of a new undertaking by Johan AngergĂ„rd – anything by Acid House Kings, The Legends and/or Club 8. The last on the list is AngergĂ„rd’s project with Karolina Komstedt, who takes lead on vocals; and they’re back with their eighth studio LP, Above the… Continue reading Club 8: Stop Taking My Time

Song Reviews

The Knife: A Tooth For An Eye (Stream)

Everybody is freaking out about The Knife‘s forthcoming LP, Shaking The Habitual and it all makes perfect sense. Silent Shout, their most recent LP, not only wooed countless people to the band, it topped many year-end lists. That was back in 2006, seven years ago. In fact, it was seven years and two days ago… Continue reading The Knife: A Tooth For An Eye (Stream)

Song Reviews

Johan Hedberg: Some Kind of Christmas

From Suburban Kids with Biblical Names member Johan Hedberg comes a fun new Christmas song “Some Kind of Christmas”. True to SKWBN heritage, the song is a bit quirky in Hedberg’s vocal display as well as thematically and lyrically. The song, per Labrador Records, is about spending the Christmas alone, chasing open bars and someone… Continue reading Johan Hedberg: Some Kind of Christmas


Kate Boy: Northern Lights (Video)

This video debuted early in November, but I felt compelled to write about it now given the song’s presence in tomorrow’s pre-recorded KSVR radio show (10pm PST). Kate Boy has entered the hype realm this month in part thanks to her song “Northern Lights” and its audible similarities to The Knife’s epic LP Silent Shout.


The Mary Onettes: Love Forever EP

My copy of The Mary Onettes‘ limited (to 1000) pressing of Love Forever arrived today and I’ve been giving it a spin with my vintage mid-century modern record cabinet. Some records just seem to be naturals on a vintage player such as this, and The Mary Onettes is a prime example. Produced by Dan Lissvik,… Continue reading The Mary Onettes: Love Forever EP

Song Reviews

The Garlands: You Never Notice Me

Big Pink Cake Records is set to release a new single by The Garlands called You Never Notice Me b/w Continue. What immediately struck me upon first listening to the A side track, “You Never Notice me”, is that The Garlands draw influence from select post C86 era indie pop and twee; artists like Tallulah… Continue reading The Garlands: You Never Notice Me

Song Reviews

Amanda Mair: Doubt MP3

Amanda Mair is back with another single on Labrador Records. The song follows her debut on the label, “House”, as a danceable track packed with pop hooks. The new track is “Doubt” and it finds Mair continuing her surprising ability to craft a magical pop track filled with a maturity well beyond her young (16)… Continue reading Amanda Mair: Doubt MP3


Solander: Flight (Video)

Solander is a Swedish folk-pop trio that creates mystically beautiful songs. Their latest is called “Flight” and it is just as pleasant and sad as the band’s prior work (you can hear tracks dating back to 2009’s “Looking For Gold”, which we raved about, on bandcamp). Solander handed “Flight” over to Iris Piers for a… Continue reading Solander: Flight (Video)