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A Sneak Peek at The Legends’ Forthcoming Nightshift LP

I feel like “Cash” has been a long time coming for Swedish artist The Legends. As I’ve noted on several occasions over the past decade here on FensePost, with each new release The Legends delves into a new faction of music. “Cash”, the new single off the forthcoming LP Nightshift is no exception. So, what… Continue reading A Sneak Peek at The Legends’ Forthcoming Nightshift LP

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Club 8: Pleasure

Club 8 embarks on yet another journey with their new (and 9th) LP, Pleasure. A slight departure from 2013’s Above The City, which was upbeat yet put a slightly darker dance spin into the Club 8 repertoire, Club 8 continues down that darker path while forgoing the positive. Instrumentally, the band hones their synthwave skills,… Continue reading Club 8: Pleasure

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Best Album of 2015 So Far: Eternal Death’s New Self-Titled LP

I see quite a contradiction here. Elin Berlin is the face behind Swedish blog Youth Knows No Pain. In it, for the most part, she seems to maintain a sunny and bright disposition. But things aren’t always as they seem; by night she records under the moniker Eternal Death, a meditative project with Johan Angergård… Continue reading Best Album of 2015 So Far: Eternal Death’s New Self-Titled LP


Moonbabies to Release First LP in 7 Years

A few weeks back, I grabbed “24” off a recent double single by Moonbabies for airplay on my radio show. Now the duo has announced their first new LP, to be called Wizards On The Beach, in seven years. The new LP is plush with melodic instrumentation and harmonic vocals.

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Solander: All Opportunities

Solander came to my attention a few years back after Fredrik Karlsson branched out from his work in Swedish orchestral and experimental folk-pop collective Fredrik. While Solander has been around for the better part of a decade, the band’s debut LP didn’t arrive until 2009 and was followed a few years later by their sophomore… Continue reading Solander: All Opportunities


Club 8: Stop Taking My Time (Video)

Club 8 has released their second video for a song off their eighth LP, Above the City, this time for closing track and lead single “Stop Taking My Time”. This video follows a somewhat disturbing one about animal cruelty for album opener “Kill Kill Kill”. Throughout, Above the City is a return to the more… Continue reading Club 8: Stop Taking My Time (Video)


Lars Bygdén: The Hole (Video)

Lars Bygdén is a singer/songwriter from Sweden; that’s to say, he’s an artist who creates haunting folk melodies fronted by strong vocals that seem to echo through the darkness. His latest release – his third under his own name – is simply called LB and the opening track, “The Hole”, recently received very stunning video… Continue reading Lars Bygdén: The Hole (Video)

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Club 8: Stop Taking My Time

I admit, I freak out a bit each time I hear of a new undertaking by Johan Angergård – anything by Acid House Kings, The Legends and/or Club 8. The last on the list is Angergård’s project with Karolina Komstedt, who takes lead on vocals; and they’re back with their eighth studio LP, Above the… Continue reading Club 8: Stop Taking My Time

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The Knife: A Tooth For An Eye (Stream)

Everybody is freaking out about The Knife‘s forthcoming LP, Shaking The Habitual and it all makes perfect sense. Silent Shout, their most recent LP, not only wooed countless people to the band, it topped many year-end lists. That was back in 2006, seven years ago. In fact, it was seven years and two days ago… Continue reading The Knife: A Tooth For An Eye (Stream)