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Ty Segall’s “Black Magick” Will Save Us All

Yesterday, I touted the new forthcoming LP by WOODS and mentioned their last three albums have graced my best of lists for those years. Ty Segall beats that, joining the top 5 four years running. Not too long ago, Ty Segall’s “Black Magick” hit the airwaves. The track is off his new Suicide Squeeze single… Continue reading Ty Segall’s “Black Magick” Will Save Us All


This Will Destroy You: Black Dunes

“Black Dunes” by This Will Destroy You is a song entirely dark and ghostly. Beginning with subtle sounds, this post-rock meets shoegaze band out of Texas does a great job creating a haunting melody, and their new video for “Black Dunes” capitalizes on their ability to create an eerie song. Malcolm Elijah overlaps black and… Continue reading This Will Destroy You: Black Dunes

Song Reviews

The Coathangers: Hurricane [mp3]

The Coathangers know how to craft a mighty infectious hook, be it strummed wildly on a gritty, grungy guitar or screamed near illegibly into a microphone. “Hurricane”, the first track off the band’s forthcoming LP Larceny & Old Lace, is a perfect example of this mastery. Let’s face it – a song like this proves… Continue reading The Coathangers: Hurricane [mp3]

Song Reviews

Cotton Jones: Glorylight & Christie [mp3]

Page France’s departure from existence was bittersweet. On one hand, Michael Nau’s original baby was no more — and after a few stellar releases in Hello, Dear Wind, the Pear / Sister Pinecone double EP, and …And The Family Telephone, he had built a steady and consistent style of folk-pop with a psychedelic edge. On… Continue reading Cotton Jones: Glorylight & Christie [mp3]

Song Reviews

Russian Circles: Malko [Track Review]

Russian Circles return with “Malko” off their new LP Geneva, continuing their immense, epic instrumentals with added intricacy and a renewed sense of direction. “Malko” finds Russian Circles initially taking their metal riffs down a notch but never once letting up on the ferocity of their earlier sound. As the opening riff drops out, the… Continue reading Russian Circles: Malko [Track Review]

Album Reviews

Russian Circles: Station [Album Review]

The concepts on Russian Circles’ Station are far from new—this particular genre being dominated by power names like Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, and Dungen—but in comparison, there seems to be more going on here thanks to an added guitar or two. Like EitS, Russian Circles lacks vocals, such that the emphasis is, of course,… Continue reading Russian Circles: Station [Album Review]


Metal Hearts: Foothills [Video]

I’ve been thinking a lot about KZUU lately. For those of you new to FensePost, I DJed there as a grad student at Washington State University, while studying business. In my DJ days prior to kicking off this site, I remember picking up Metal Hearts‘ (MySpace) debut, Socialize, and giving it a good listen. I… Continue reading Metal Hearts: Foothills [Video]