Live Reviews

Strength Live at Elkfest 2011

The stars seemed to align in the 120 year old neighborhood of Brownes Addition in the fair city of Spokane. We had downright miserable weather just a few days prior, but with the 5th Annual Elkfest well underway, it was bright, shining, and thunderous with activity as the big night came upon the thousands of… Continue reading Strength Live at Elkfest 2011

Album Reviews

Strength: Mind-Reader [Album Review]

Strength is a group that is so unburdened by formalities that it’s almost unfathomable. There style is beyond formative, it’s a splendid blast from the past unlike much of anything you have heard in well over 20 years. It’s like the reincarnation of Daft Punk with vocal duties from the likes of Prince. Mind-Reader, the… Continue reading Strength: Mind-Reader [Album Review]