Soledad Vélez: Black Light In The Forest (Video)

There’s something a bit timeless about “Black Light in the Forest”, a new track by Soledad Vélez off her forthcoming LP Wild Fishing, out now on Absolute Beginners Records. This makes sense given her background: Originally from Chile, Vélez grew up with her father’s record player and a guitar. She moved to Argentina and ultimately… Continue reading Soledad Vélez: Black Light In The Forest (Video)


Uvi.lov [Feature Band]

Uvi.lov is a self-described dream pop band. Upon hearing the term dream pop, I was intrigued to discover what such a sound encompassed. More notably, how does dream pop sound from Mexico. When I think of such music, I often think of a little Brazilian label called Si No Puedo Bailar, No Es Mi Revolución.… Continue reading Uvi.lov [Feature Band]