Air Conditioning School: Wake Me Up [Video]

On my radar late last year, Total Babe came to dominate as a band that released one of my favorite EPs of the year. From that same label, So-Tm Records, comes Air Conditioning School. The band’s lazy acoustic folk-pop has the perfect swagger for the upcoming summer months, and “Wake Me Up” is a perfect… Continue reading Air Conditioning School: Wake Me Up [Video]

Album Reviews

UltraChorus: Ultra-Def [Album Review]

Chris Heidman knows electronic music. Jeff Lorentzen knows R&B/hip hop flavor. Together they make UltraChorus, a digitized electro-pop frenzy that rivals the likes of Gnarls Barkley or Hot Chip. Because of the nonconforming and experimental irregularities that their debut album Ultra-Def has against modern R&B, there is an indifference in what this Minneapolis based duo… Continue reading UltraChorus: Ultra-Def [Album Review]

Album Reviews

Total Babe: Heatwave EP [Album Review]

Such a confounding name, Total Babe; after all, the band is all-out indie pop. Then again, when you were a teenager, a name like Total Babe would have been perfect for your acoustic-garage-pop. But it’s highly unlikely your pop songs would have been as… well, freaking amazing as Total Babe’s. Heatwave is packed with pop… Continue reading Total Babe: Heatwave EP [Album Review]