Unarmed Enemies: Show Me Your Plans [Video]

Unarmed Enemies hail from Stockholm, Sweden, and as goes in the country that brought us Volvo and Abba, indie-pop is a specialty. For Unarmed Enemies, however, their style of pop is fully electronic. It is an upbeat electro-pop similar to that of Le Sport, but less mopey. Not surprisingly, the two share space on the… Continue reading Unarmed Enemies: Show Me Your Plans [Video]

Song Reviews

Moto Boy: Young Love (Regina Remix)

Above photo by Jesper Berg. Swedish artist Moto Boy has a very Jeff Buckley aura to his persona, from his highly powerful vocal styling to the cleanly plucked guitar. So, it’s no surprise to hear that he’s covered Buckley live. This introduction is merely a focal point, an introduction to Moto Boy, whose latest tidbit… Continue reading Moto Boy: Young Love (Regina Remix)

Album Reviews

The Lovekevins: Max Léon [Album Review]

I get needs, you know? Sometimes I just need an ice cold microbrew. Sometimes, after a long and stressful day, I need to drink a glass or two of red wine (generally a cab-sauv or a cab-merlot) while listening to old jazz on vinyl. But there’s one thing I need more than all: to discover… Continue reading The Lovekevins: Max Léon [Album Review]


Le Sport: It’s Not The End Of The World [Music Video]

It has been virtually impossible to track down albums by the Swedish duo that is Le Sport. That is, it’s been impossible to find their albums at a U.S. based brick-and-mortar retail location. And it’s not without trying. I have been searching since moving to the Portland/Seattle areas mid-August. Then again, I’ve come to expect… Continue reading Le Sport: It’s Not The End Of The World [Music Video]


Moto Boy: Ride My Wild Heart [Video]

Written by Fense I discovered Moto Boy way back when the group first signed to Songs I Wish I Had Written. That was back in mid 2007. Moto Boy is Oskar Humlebo and his melodies are pleasant and vibrant and a bit flamboyant. And these traits all surface in the song and surreal video for… Continue reading Moto Boy: Ride My Wild Heart [Video]


Unarmed Enemies [Feature Band]

Written by Fense Stop the presses! (Isn’t that such a cliché—and outdated—thing to say when you want to grab someone’s attention?) I just made a discovery while hitting up some old groups I haven’t checked out in a while. Yes, the group I am referring to is Unarmed Enemies (MySpace). UE is an electro-pop outfit… Continue reading Unarmed Enemies [Feature Band]