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Tom Eddy: The Bread Maker’s Blues EP

Within the first listen of his self-recorded and self-written EP, The Bread Maker’s Blues (2012), I realize that there is a lot to love about Tom Eddy’s music. His voice is instantly likable with his M. Wardian vocals in “Welfare”. And in “Sunday Market/Tear Down”, he not only gives a Dave Matthews vibe, but also… Continue reading Tom Eddy: The Bread Maker’s Blues EP


Fialta Releases Orchestral Pop LP “Summer Winter”

Named after a fictionalized Mediterranean town where an enigmatic protagonist explores the themes of vacation, unreliable memory, idealized love, and the confusion evoked by time passing, Fialta‘s music is a seemingly perfect fit. There is a quality in songs like “Photographs” and “Cars” fit the carefree nature of vacations and hints of an underlying timeless… Continue reading Fialta Releases Orchestral Pop LP “Summer Winter”

Live Reviews

May 31st at The Tractor Tavern: Tom Eddy, Heatwarmer, and Pollens

The Tractor Tavern is in for a night of Indie Blues-driven Folk on Friday, May 31st. Seattle native, Tom Eddy (also Beat Connection vocalist), is playing along with openers Heatwarmer and Pollens. “Tractor booker Greg Garcia offered me the opportunity to put together a bill of my choosing.  In my humble opinion, the resulting bill… Continue reading May 31st at The Tractor Tavern: Tom Eddy, Heatwarmer, and Pollens


Rose Windows Prep “The Sun Dogs”

Every so often an album drops that makes you freak out a little bit inside; enter Seattle-based Rose Windows, my latest obsession. Their new album, The Sun Dogs, will be released June 25 via Sub Pop and, after spending a few glorious hours with it today in the sun, I am excited to say I… Continue reading Rose Windows Prep “The Sun Dogs”

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Belgian Fog: A Brief Interview with Robert Dale

Not much can be found online about Belgian Fog. Belgian Fog is Robert Dale, a Los Angeles native who now resides in Seattle. There’s a single song, “Wait for Help”, on Soundcloud, a simple and minimal Facebook Page, and an equally minimal Twitter account.

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Yesper: Cannibal King (MP3 & Video)

Yesper‘s heartfelt folk melodies and luscious finger-plucked guitar will strike a chord with fans of Justin Vernon’s Bon Iver and Sam Beam’s Iron & Wine. With vocals containing a soft playfulness that border on dreamy, Yesper adds in occasional plush with harmonies that complement the accompanying instrumentation.


Wimps’ Debut LP is out Now

Drop in whatever label you want, Wimps are awesome. The Seattle three-piece featuring guitarist Rachel Ratner (Butts, Partman Parthorse), bassist Matt Nyce (Meth Teeth) and drummer Dave Ram (The Intelligence) creates crazy punk songs with little infectious pop sensibilities thrown in a a huge ol’ bonus.


Art Vandelay Preps “Eye 8 The Crow” out April 2

Let’s get this out right away. This is not my style of music. I tend to shun anything dubbed hip hop or rap. But with a name like Art Vandelay — insert Seinfeld bass-line here — and I couldn’t help at least giving the guy a listen. And DAMN! am I glad I did!


Lotte Kestner: Wrestler (Video)

Anna-Lynne Williams returns as Lotte Kestner with “Wrestler”, taking a slight break from her Ormonde project with Robert Gomez (though he appears throughout her new album on additional instruments). “Wrestler is a highly emotional song, one about love and loss, hopelessness and loneliness, depression and anxiety.


Week of Wonders: Feature Band

I really dug Restraint, released last year by Orca Team. Unfortunately, as things go, Orca Team took a hiatus not long after the album was released. Now front-man Leif Anders (who has also joined The Intelligence) is back with a new project, a somewhat Seattle underground power group featuring members of Orca Team, The Intelligence,… Continue reading Week of Wonders: Feature Band