Mogwai: How To Be A Werewolf [Video]

To me, Mogwai‘s music, were I to pare it down to a single description, portrays a journey in progress. This video conveys that thought; there’s always that sense that something big will happen, whether or not it ultimately comes to pass. “How To Be A Werewolf” never reaches that anthemic moment, that climactic explosion, but… Continue reading Mogwai: How To Be A Werewolf [Video]

Song Reviews

The Orchids: The Girl & The Soldier [mp3]

From the remnants of Sarah Records and the twee movement come The Orchids, who have spent the past few decades mastering their craft. The band has a new record out now on Pebble Records, and their song “The Girl & The Soldier” comes from it. What makes the song so endearing is accompaniment by the… Continue reading The Orchids: The Girl & The Soldier [mp3]

Song Reviews

The Just Joans: Stuart Had A Dirty Book [mp3]

The Just Joans came to my attention via WeePOP! Records, who have released a few mini EPs by the group: Virgin Lips, Hey Boy…You’re Oh So Sensitive and Love And Other Hideous Accidents. Their latest is titled Your Pain Is A Joke Next To Mines, and it is now available, again, via WeePOP! “Stuart Had… Continue reading The Just Joans: Stuart Had A Dirty Book [mp3]

Album Reviews

Jack James: Quarter Life Crisis [Album Review]

Jack James, one of 2009’s finest debut artists, has jumped around back onto the proverbial wagon with his sophomore release, Quarter Life Crisis. This talented Scottish wordsmith brings back the signature “one man, one guitar, a thousand words” take on folk music and the ever-present sense of spirituality that comes with the genre. Though James… Continue reading Jack James: Quarter Life Crisis [Album Review]

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Song, By Toad [Label Spotlight]

Song, By Toad Records is a little label introduced to me by friend and FensePost favorite Jon Rooney (Virgin of the Birds, Abandoned Love Records). It all began as a blog based in Edinburgh which, like this blog, posts album reviews, various features and podcasts (coming soon to this blog). With each release containing between… Continue reading Song, By Toad [Label Spotlight]