Lady Lazarus: One Night Music Session

After Daytrotter surfaced in 2006, it seemed everyone wanted to get a piece of the session action. What was once common practice decades past has now come to be again; the session has returned in full force. The latest to catch my eye is One Night Music, which takes cue from Daytrotter by incorporating original… Continue reading Lady Lazarus: One Night Music Session


Robot Science [Feature]

With upwards of 50 emails that arrive in my inbox per day, it becomes quite difficult to amass the sheer quantities of music at my doorstep at any particular moment in time. There are moments when finding the correct gem is mere happenstance; at other times, something draws my attention. Robot Science fit into the… Continue reading Robot Science [Feature]


SlapBracelet [Feature]

Buried in the synth-heavy 80s and the modern fashion throwback to that era is the aptly titled SlapBracelet. The band is a recent transplant to the San Jose area by way of Seattle (well… at least one member was a recent local here). Their song “Sophisticated Lady” is a clash of 80s-synth and modern electronic… Continue reading SlapBracelet [Feature]