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Emmalee Crane: Formantine [Album Review]

I like to think Emmalee Crane and I would get along well. I think this because of her music. It’s unassuming, unpretentious, yet it exists in a completely different realm of thought. It’s down to earth, yet it’s also quite out there. You get that with minimalist music, but unlike her earlier work in Crux,… Continue reading Emmalee Crane: Formantine [Album Review]

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Eux Autres: Broken Bow [Album Review]

It’s amazing to hear the changes Eux Autres has gone through since they debuted with Hell Is Eux Autres in 2004. That album was rough and punchy, raw and bouncy. The punch and the bounce remain, but on Broken Bow things are smoother and more refined. They still contain all those elements I loved from… Continue reading Eux Autres: Broken Bow [Album Review]

Live Reviews

Show Recommendation: The Mallard

Adorned in a heavy, lo-fi reverb, The Mallard plays light, fluffy garage pop music that a few friends have been raving about of late. They hit me up, thinking I’d like it, and they were right. The band boasts four members; what’s unique, however, is that they all belong to the same body. The body… Continue reading Show Recommendation: The Mallard

Song Reviews

Dominant Legs: Clawing Out At The Walls [mp3]

Lefse’s latest lust-worthy tune-layer is Dominant Legs, the project of San Francisco-based musician Ryan Lynch (also the guitarist for Girls), whose light, harmonic melodies will draw you in. Joining Lynch is Hannah Hunt, who lends keys and vocal expertise. Shrouded in vocal reverb, Lynch’s ballads, like “Clawing Out At The Walls” off Dominant Legs’ forthcoming… Continue reading Dominant Legs: Clawing Out At The Walls [mp3]


Grand Lake: Spark [Video]

Grand Lake is the latest project from Port O’ Brien founding member Caleb Nichols, who joins forces with long-time friend Jameson Swanagon. Together, with drummer John Pomeroy, the San Francisco band is complete. The band is poised to release their debut LP, Blood Sea Dream, August 10 on Hippies Are Dead Records. That is where… Continue reading Grand Lake: Spark [Video]

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Collider: Strobos EP [Album Review]

Fresh off the buzz of their last EP, BBM, Collider has once again come out swinging with their own brand of 90’s influenced fuzz pop. Strobos EP is their third release to date, and is quite frankly a subtle, yet very well organized jump forward in their progression as artists. In the true spirit of… Continue reading Collider: Strobos EP [Album Review]

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The Blank Tapes: Home Away From Home [Album Review]

The Blank Tapes‘ Matt Adams wrote his new album Home Away From Home, as he puts it, in a van in probably half of the states in America. For that, it is named appropriately. It, too, is packed with garage-worthy tinkering that extends from folk to pop to experimental psychedelic. It’s an array that bodes… Continue reading The Blank Tapes: Home Away From Home [Album Review]

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Magic Bullets: Magic Bullets [Album Review]

From the first moments of Magic Bullets‘ self-titled LP, one is taken back a quarter century on a journey into the music of The Smiths. No, Magic Bullets do not cover the famed band, but to say they were influenced by Moz’s early entourage is an understatement. Magic Bullets pack on the indie pop jangle… Continue reading Magic Bullets: Magic Bullets [Album Review]

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Citay: Dream Get Together [Album Review]

Citay‘s new LP, Dream Get Together, just found its way into my inbox. There are several descriptors you could apply to the album, from Cosmic to Anthemic. But when it really comes down to it, Dream Get Together finds a unique place in music simply due to its wide breadth of influences — so wide… Continue reading Citay: Dream Get Together [Album Review]