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Social Studies: Terracur (MP3)

What a progression! In 2010, Social Studies released their debut LP, Wind Up Wooden Heart, adorned with lovable indie-pop songs. At the time, I likened it to a matured and female-fronted pre-Islands band The Unicorns. But revisiting it, I also hear some Mates of State references. Still, none of the likened-to-this, or sounds-like-that do this… Continue reading Social Studies: Terracur (MP3)

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Adios Amigo: Dos (Album Review)

Dos is a luscious pop-rock album with highly infectious hooks and a surprising volume given the often laid-back style of vocals and guitar riffs. In five songs, Adios Amigo keeps things diversified, with the subtle “Chicken” and the monumental “Pretty Pretty Princess”, yet it’s all very cohesive with the band’s signature vocal style.

Song Reviews

Eux Autres: Right Again

I always get excited when something new by Eux Autres comes across my desk. The ex-Portland, now San Francisco brother-sister duo plus third member Yoshi Nakamoto (The Aislers Set, Still Flyin’) will release a new EP called Sun Is Sunk via Bons Mots Records on February 28. Recorded by Jason Quever (Papercuts), expect Sun Is… Continue reading Eux Autres: Right Again


Girls: Vomit (Video)

Just the other week we wrote about Girls’ new song, “Vomit”, off their forthcoming third release Father, Son, Holy Ghost. They have now presented us a video for the tune, which after countless listens I shall now dub their most accomplished song to date. The video begins with seductive footage ’60s cherry red Mustang convertible… Continue reading Girls: Vomit (Video)

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Weekend: Coma Summer [mp3]

San Francisco’s Weekend takes your favorite post punk fuzz pop sound and infuses it with a deep, dreamy shoegaze on their track “Coma Summer”. Now, I’m not sure if all of Weekend is like this, as I have yet to hear anything else from their LP Sports, but the epic distortion that fills this song… Continue reading Weekend: Coma Summer [mp3]

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Silver Swans: Secrets [mp3]

The nerd in me has been getting into comics of late, namely Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead, so it’s fitting that the first thing I latched onto in Silver Swans‘ bio is that they pulled their name from the group of super villians in Wonder Woman. Like the evil-doers, “Secrets” by Silver Swans will haunt… Continue reading Silver Swans: Secrets [mp3]