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A Retrospective Look at Animal of One by The Fresh & Onlys

I’ve been crushing on The Fresh & Onlys since their widely heralded 2009 LP Grey-Eyed Girls. (Hard to believe that it’s almost been a decade since that release.) A year later, Play it Strange would become one of my favorite sleeper albums of the year. However, it wasn’t until two years later that they were… Continue reading A Retrospective Look at Animal of One by The Fresh & Onlys

Song Reviews

Trails And Ways: Lost (Frank Ocean Cover)

Since their inception a few years back, Trails And Ways have provided us with their own rendition of a few notable songs. The latest artists Trails And Ways has set their eyes on is the infamous Frank Ocean, in particular his song “Lost”. Dreamy and adorned with T&W’s signature bossa-nova sound, the band is flawless… Continue reading Trails And Ways: Lost (Frank Ocean Cover)


Kelley Stoltz releases Double Exposure

I’m a bit sad to see Kelley Stoltz leave Sub Pop; I’ve come to love his releases on the beloved Seattle label. Stoltz returns this month with Double Exposure on Third Man Records, the label imprint of Jack White. As you’d expect, it’s a bit cleaner than some of his previous work but not to… Continue reading Kelley Stoltz releases Double Exposure

Album Reviews

Jonathan Rado: Law & Order

During a recent brief hiatus, Foxygen’s Jonathan Rado took some time to write and record his debut solo LP. Law & Order is refreshingly diverse; each song stands very much on its own, yet they are all distinctly Rado. Each has his style in instrumentation, his signature 70s-throwback vocals, and the sly smile you get… Continue reading Jonathan Rado: Law & Order

Album Reviews

Tartufi: These Factory Days

Post-rock, perhaps more than most genres, has an inherent ability to lump together artists so diverse they seemingly should not fit in even close to similar categorical sub-genres, yet alone within the exact same sub-genre. Post-rock, then, features artists as wide-ranging as folk-centric epic-masterpiece purveyors Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra, the soft-loud-soft instrumental rock-ists… Continue reading Tartufi: These Factory Days


“Grand Ghosts” by Kacey Johansing out Today

Kacey Johansing is back today with Grand Ghosts, her sophomore LP, blending styles of folk, pop and jazz into a mystical sound on par with My Brightest Diamond or St. Vincent. Moody and laid back, Johansing casts a dreamy haze throughout highlight song “Pinecone”, sliding her vocals up and down to compliment a light, jazzy… Continue reading “Grand Ghosts” by Kacey Johansing out Today


Little Wings: Doom Room (Video)

“Doom Room” has a new video, and it’s a bit weird. I like it. It’s off Little Wings‘ new LP, LAST. “Doom Room” features heavily bearded Little Wings brainchild Kyle Field, clad in shorts and a straw hat, wandering what appears to be the southwest; maybe rural California not far from his home in San… Continue reading Little Wings: Doom Room (Video)

Song Reviews

Oceanography: Drinking Water (Track Premiere)

Brian Kelly calls his music Americana, but there are additives that give it a twist. He throws in the terms “loud” and “gothic” on occasion. It makes sense — Oceanography‘s music is thematically draped in all the proper elements. Roots, tradition, American history. Yet it’s far from traditional Americana music. Songs like “Reggie Jackson” and… Continue reading Oceanography: Drinking Water (Track Premiere)