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Moon Duo Step Out from the Dark with Occult Architecture Vol. 2

For as long as I’ve followed the band, Moon Duo has always created music that is dark, mystical and filled with substantial space rock drone. So it was with intrigue that I approached their new 2017 project, two LPs dubbed Occult Architecture Vol. 1 and Occult Architecture Vol. 2. The first was released by Sacred… Continue reading Moon Duo Step Out from the Dark with Occult Architecture Vol. 2


Dream Police to release “Hypnotized” Nov. 11 on Sacred Bones

I have made it no secret that The Men‘s 2013 LP, New Moon, was among my favorite releases of the year. It marked a new pinnacle for the band, in my opinion; an arena slightly more accessible to the common listener and a bit more in line with my own personal tastes. Unfortunately, this year’s… Continue reading Dream Police to release “Hypnotized” Nov. 11 on Sacred Bones

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The Men: Campfire Songs EP

Campfire Songs by The Men is among the most appropriate album titles of the year (perhaps being topped only by Ty Segall’s LP Sleeper). It was indeed recorded outside, under stars with a crackling fire keeping the clan warm. It found this band — often classified in a variety of genres from noise rock to… Continue reading The Men: Campfire Songs EP

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Crystal Stilts: Future Folklore

Crystal Stilts debut LP, Alight of Night, was released on Slumberland back in 2008. They followed it in 2011 with In Love with Oblivion. In between and since, they have released several singles and an EP, 2011’s stellar Radiant Door. But the band went silent after the release of Radiant Door, and we now know… Continue reading Crystal Stilts: Future Folklore

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Wymond Miles preps ‘Cut Yourself Free’

Following last year’s breathtaking debut post-punk LP Under the Pale Moon, The Fresh & Onlys guitars Wymond Miles has now announced his sophomore follow-up. Again to be released via Sacred Bones Records, the previews Miles and SBR have given us prove Cut Yourself Free will promise more dark, soulfully moody tunes.