Song Reviews

Russian Circles: Malko [Track Review]

Russian Circles return with “Malko” off their new LP Geneva, continuing their immense, epic instrumentals with added intricacy and a renewed sense of direction. “Malko” finds Russian Circles initially taking their metal riffs down a notch but never once letting up on the ferocity of their earlier sound. As the opening riff drops out, the… Continue reading Russian Circles: Malko [Track Review]

Album Reviews

Russian Circles: Station [Album Review]

The concepts on Russian Circles’ Station are far from new—this particular genre being dominated by power names like Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, and Dungen—but in comparison, there seems to be more going on here thanks to an added guitar or two. Like EitS, Russian Circles lacks vocals, such that the emphasis is, of course,… Continue reading Russian Circles: Station [Album Review]