Spaghetti Anywhere: Incredible Hulk [Video]

This video by Spaghetti Anywhere, for some odd reason, reminds me of DZR:P’s “Oh Short Ribs”. It’s bizarre and a bit past the line of being downright creepy. Despite the oddities, there’s a certain brilliance and genius behind the video that cannot be denied. Yes, “Incredible Hulk” by Spaghetti Anywhere follows a similar path. It… Continue reading Spaghetti Anywhere: Incredible Hulk [Video]

Album Reviews

Spaghetti Anywhere: Spaghetti Anywhere [Album Review]

Four bizarre folksy indie-pop songs; that’s what you get with Spaghetti Anywhere‘s self-titled EP, out this week. They possess a slight jangle in guitar, feature mechanical drums and an occasional keyboard line. There’s a major shuffle in the guitar that adds in highly upbeat hooks. And the band slaps in some extremely unique vocals and… Continue reading Spaghetti Anywhere: Spaghetti Anywhere [Album Review]