Bombadil: Feature Band

Durham, NC band Bombadil are back with a new album called All That The Rain Promises. If you had the honor of hearing the band’s previous LP, Tarpits And Canyonlands, you’ll have an idea of what to expect. Bombadil creates an off-beat approach to folk-pop with odd lyrics and a unique songwriting style. You definitely… Continue reading Bombadil: Feature Band

Album Reviews

Bombadil: Tarpits And Canyonlands [Album Review]

There are a lot of swirling sounds within Bombadil‘s Tarpits And Canyonlands. On one end it is minimalistic — stripped to its most basic components, “Sad Birthday” is piano and percussion with a slew of vocalists. But it’s not minimal, as even two instruments can create a sound all-encompassing. Add the collective of vocalists and… Continue reading Bombadil: Tarpits And Canyonlands [Album Review]