On the Radio

Fense’s Radio Show: June 8, 2012

The Bimmer is back! Yep, that’s my beater baby, sitting pretty and lonely at around sunset on Friday night in the Skagit Valley College parking lot, where KSVR is located. A few vacuum leaks fixed and she’s running much better. I’m now awaiting a new vacuum advance unit, on its way from Germany. Once in,… Continue reading Fense’s Radio Show: June 8, 2012

Song Reviews

Ramesh: Berlin Without Return

If you’ve been a long-time reader of FensePost, you know I’m a pretty big fan of Voxtrot. The obsession began upon the release of the band’s debut EP, Raised By Wolves. I quickly snapped up the 7-inch singles for the EP’s title track as well as the epic “The Start Of Something”, both of which… Continue reading Ramesh: Berlin Without Return