Gathered Ghosts Return with LP “Decoration Haze”

I recall my final months at KZUU, way back in mid-2006. What time I spent in the old studio allowed me to discover bands that even today remain among my favorites. Leaving was hard, as I felt so connected with the place. Why this reminiscence? Because Gathered Ghosts member Andreanna Wilson will be experiencing the… Continue reading Gathered Ghosts Return with LP “Decoration Haze”


Gathered Ghosts: Two Apples In A Cherry Tree

Javier Suarez (Craft Spells, Yarn Owl) is back with a new video from his solo project Gathered Ghosts. “Two Apples In A Cherry Tree” finds Suarez taking on some light Craft Spells influence (as opposed to the soft and slow favorite “Went To You” we wrote about a while back) with some solid dreamy jangle… Continue reading Gathered Ghosts: Two Apples In A Cherry Tree


Yarn Owl [Interview]

I’ve known Yarn Owl‘s Ted Powers (drums) and Timothy Meinig (bass) since, well, probably 2005. Javier Suarez (vocals and guitar) I met in the years after my 2006 departure. In fact, the only band member I have yet to met is Tyler Armour. So yes, I’ve been following Yarn Owl, virtually, since the beginning. With… Continue reading Yarn Owl [Interview]


Yarn Owl: Bicycle [Video & Exclusive mp3]

FensePost is excited to provide you with an exclusive sneak peek off the new Yarn Owl EP, Stay Warm, scheduled for release early next year. “Bicycle” is the name of the song, and it’s their catchiest track since “Yarn Blues”. Yarn Owl’s jangly guitars and dreamy folk-pop is emphasized by harmony vocals that echo in… Continue reading Yarn Owl: Bicycle [Video & Exclusive mp3]

Album Reviews

Yarn Owl: Tiny Dots [Cassette Review]

With a heavy vocal echo and reverb cranked to eleven, Yarn Owl presents seven tracks of undulated upbeat pop. “Yarn Blues” kick things off; it’s a track we’ve heard before, but Yarn Owl gives it a revisit by speeding things up a bit and treating it with the reverb jangle heavy throughout Tiny Dots. One… Continue reading Yarn Owl: Tiny Dots [Cassette Review]