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Psalmships: Kronotsky [Album Review]

Kronotsky by Psalmships opens with a soft hum that remains so throughout opening track “Resurrectionist”, building and growing subtly with the clash of post-rock drone meets minimalist folk. It’s a slight departure from the true minimalism of which those familiar with Josh Britton’s music know well, and it continues in “Smaller Constellation”, a song title… Continue reading Psalmships: Kronotsky [Album Review]

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Psalmships: Sweetheart Parade [mp3]

I’ve long thought that Joshua Britton of the band Psalmships and the band Sweetheart Parade sounded on par with an artist like Jason Molina (Songs:Ohia, The Magnolia Electric Co.). Hearing that Britton occasionally covers Molina live, then, was no surprise. In his latest release, now seemingly consistent under the moniker Psalmships, Britton completes one of… Continue reading Psalmships: Sweetheart Parade [mp3]

Album Reviews

Psalmships: Smoke + Vein [Album Review]

Psalmships is the latest project by folk genius Joshua Britton (The Sweetheart Parade). Where his earlier moniker found him a natural folk rhythm in guitar + vocalist, Psalmships is somewhat an antithesis. This is obvious from the earliest moments of opener “Determination”. The music isn’t acoustic guitar heavy; it’s not pointed and rough, or lo-fi.… Continue reading Psalmships: Smoke + Vein [Album Review]