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FensePost Top 20: Best EPs of 2009

Not surprisingly, this list is filled with EPs by quite a few bands you know and quite a few you probably don’t. Of the ones you don’t know, many are likely from Washington; a quick count leaves me with five bands, or 1/4 of this list. Many of these bands I consider among the most… Continue reading FensePost Top 20: Best EPs of 2009

Album Reviews

Phantogram: Phantogram EP [Album Review]

Erich said, You gotta check out this band; you gotta review their EP. End paraphrase. Having recently noted the band’s signing to Barsuk, it seemed the logical next step. In anticipation of that future record, slated for an early 2010 release, it just made sense. Besides, there’s substantial overlap between the self-titled EP and the… Continue reading Phantogram: Phantogram EP [Album Review]