PDX Pop Now! 2011 Edition

Yesterday we covered a new track from Portland folk outfit Death Songs called “Wounds” off the new PDX Pop Now! compilation. We talked a little bit about the band and the song, and had a few words to say about the organization as well. That wasn’t enough; it’s high time I let slip a little… Continue reading PDX Pop Now! 2011 Edition

Song Reviews

Death Songs: Wounds (MP3)

Death Songs is a band out of Portland, featuring members of that city’s folk-pop outfit The Shaky Hands. “Wounds” is vaguely reminiscent of acts like The Shaky Hands and Quiet Life. It’s full on southern-influenced folk that flirts dually with pop and rock, but keeps its roots close. Their song “Wounds”, which I’ve included below,… Continue reading Death Songs: Wounds (MP3)

Album Reviews

PDX Pop Now! 2009 [Album Review]

Tucked comfortably within my extensive collection of compact discs are several PDX Pop Now! releases, dating from 2008 back to, oh, I don’t know, maybe 2005 or so. Each year PDX Pop Now! puts together an excellent two-disc set featuring tracks from the best up-and-coming artists from the Portland, OR area. This release, PDX Pop… Continue reading PDX Pop Now! 2009 [Album Review]