FensePost Podcast: Psychedelic Ambiance Part 1

Of late, I’ve been listening to a lot of pseudo-electronic music. Stuff that borders on chillwave, throwbacks to new wave but with an electronic twist, a lot of it European-influenced, most of it with a nerdy edge to it that’s walks the threshold between awkwardness and the invariably cool. Stuff that can, in a way,… Continue reading FensePost Podcast: Psychedelic Ambiance Part 1

Song Reviews

Pandit: Artichoke [mp3]

Contrary to the word’s Indian and Hindu heritage, the band Pandit is from an entirely different land. Pandit is Lance Smith from Texas and his latest work is a drum-heavy psychedelic dream pop album called Eternity Spin. This album, in my opinion, has one of the better album covers we’ve seen in a while. Eternity… Continue reading Pandit: Artichoke [mp3]