On the Radio

Fense’s Radio Show: October 28, 2011

I didn’t begin this show well. Stuarto had a pre-recorded spot and, given it was only my fourth show, I didn’t realize the little button up top where it said “iPod” needed to be on. This led to a little stumbling in the beginning on my part; I mumbled a few words then played several… Continue reading Fense’s Radio Show: October 28, 2011

Song Reviews

Pallers: Come Rain, Come Sunshine (MP3)

Listening to Pallers‘ new track “Come Rain, Come Sunshine”, I heard something familiar: the voice of Johan Angergård. To be perfectly honest, I had forgotten about his involvement in the band’s early single, Humdrum. What I do recall from that early single is light electronic dance music with trance-like beats and pop-like hooks. “Come Rain,… Continue reading Pallers: Come Rain, Come Sunshine (MP3)

Song Reviews

Pallers: The Kiss [mp3]

Sweden’s Pallers gave us the critically acclaimed “Humdrum” a year or two ago, and backed the single with a few remixes of the song. Time has passed, and they’ve finally blessed us with a new tune, this one dubbed “The Kiss”. The song flirts with the same chill, DJ-inspired electronica of “Humdrum” but there seems… Continue reading Pallers: The Kiss [mp3]