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Fense’s Radio Show: November 25, 2011

Being sick is terrible. I’ve been fighting something nasty since Tuesday. Luckily the worst was out of the way fast — after recording a 101 degree temperature Tuesday night, the fever subsided and I’ve slowly returned to a state that’s manageable. I was still a bit stuffed up on the 25th, but by 10pm all… Continue reading Fense’s Radio Show: November 25, 2011


Paladino: Ode to Misery (Video)

Paladino is a Los Angeles-based band that creates a blend of Americana, old-time country and psychedelic folk. Their blend is an interesting one that incorporates playful, intricate guitar riffs with mopey, downtrodden vocals. It’s precisely what you want from such a band; “Ode to Misery” is plenty upbeat. Enough to make you dance. Their video… Continue reading Paladino: Ode to Misery (Video)