Album Reviews

Mount Eerie: Pre-Human Ideas

Phil Elverum’s penchant for the unconventional has always been a recognizable trait of his work. I would argue that all his work under the Mount Eerie moniker is unconventional; there are, however, times where it stands out even more. His latest release, a forthcoming one titled Pre-Human Ideas out on his P.W. Elverum and Sun… Continue reading Mount Eerie: Pre-Human Ideas

Song Reviews

Mount Eerie: House Shape

I always get excited when I hear something new from Phil Elverum, the mastermind behind post-Microphones project Mount Eerie. He’s local to me; Anacortes is just a quick 20 to 30 minute drive from my house. And for being local to a somewhat rural area, he’s built an empire of great recordings. He is, to… Continue reading Mount Eerie: House Shape


Mount Eerie: Between Two Mysteries [Video]

Upon learning of the new Bakers At Dawn album and covering the band’s new video, another discovery was made. That of Cory Landels, the director of said video and mastermind behind this video for Mount Eerie‘s “Between Two Mysteries”, one of my favorite tracks of 2009. Comparing the two, both have the same look and… Continue reading Mount Eerie: Between Two Mysteries [Video]