Song Reviews

Conduits: Top of the Hill

One of my favorite elements of shoegaze is its tendency to combine monumental, spacey guitar riffs with dreamy, oft wispy vocals. Conduits excel at this pairing on their new track “Top of the Hill”. Likewise, the typical shoegaze darkness persists, all encompassing but not entirely overwhelming. There’s energy here, but it’s not the torment so… Continue reading Conduits: Top of the Hill


Capgun Coup [Feature]

Capgun Coup‘s pure pop sensibilities are thwarted by a distorted fuzz in every element of “Bad Bands”, the first single off their new LP, Maudlin. Yet without it the song wouldn’t have the energy in the crazy jangly guitars and pointed percussion. This energy is channeled through the raucous vocal shouts of Bad bands are… Continue reading Capgun Coup [Feature]