The Black Keys: Tighten Up [Video]

The girlfriend and I have been pretty adamant about keeping HBO, although Comcast charges out the ass for anything and everything. There are a few reasons for this, in her opinion (and a few extra in mine). It all has to do with their original programming — shows like True Blood, Bored to Death, the… Continue reading The Black Keys: Tighten Up [Video]

Song Reviews

Bears: I’m A Snowman [mp3]

Is it just me or is there an overabundance of indie Christmas tunes being released this year? As in, substantial quantities more than usual. Maybe I’m just paying attention this time ’round. Anyway, one of the better ones I’ve heard as we approach the holiday season is “I’m A Snowman” by Ohio’s best pop group… Continue reading Bears: I’m A Snowman [mp3]