Nick Jaina: These Fair Hands (FensePost Debut)

FensePost is excited to debut the new Nick Jaina track “These Fair Hands” off his new LP, Primary Perception, out now on Portland label Fluff & Gravy. His sixth album overall but his first for Fluff & Gravy, Primary Perception promises a more theatrical sound from Jaina, full of additional instrumentation. And “These Fair Hands”… Continue reading Nick Jaina: These Fair Hands (FensePost Debut)

Song Reviews

Nick Jaina: Sleep Child [mp3]

Musicians are dreamers, none more so than the songwriter. And Nick Jaina could easily be their king. Experiential and filled with immense complexities, his music is the finest art-folk has to offer. The ceaseless beat of drums and hand claps and guitar strums in “Sleep Child” brings forth a modern tribal ode to the present.… Continue reading Nick Jaina: Sleep Child [mp3]