Song Reviews

The Ruby Suns: Kingfisher Call Me

Have you heard this yet!? I’m talking about “Kingfisher Call Me” by The Ruby Suns off their forthcoming LP Christopher. The song is giving me intense chills right now! It’s easily the best thing I’ve heard ever from The Ruby Suns. Check minute 3:08. It’s like the end of “TMNT Mask” by Chad VanGaalen (off… Continue reading The Ruby Suns: Kingfisher Call Me

Song Reviews

The Eversons: The End Of The World

New Zealand pop band The Eversons have given us a fitting (for today) rendition of the Skeeter Davis classic “The End of The World”. Featuring co-front-man Chris Young on vocals and a softly finger-plucked acoustic guitar, along with a chorus of back-up singers, The Eversons’ version may be among the better covers of this song… Continue reading The Eversons: The End Of The World


Opossom: Fly (Video)

Sam Kristofski works magic on this video for “Fly” by New Zealand psychedelic band Opossom. I’ve been obsessed with Opossom of late, both this video and the band’s LP Electric Hawaii. For “Fly”, the video joins a collective of great ones for the year, including those by Sleep Party People, Mount Eerie, and Pure Bathing… Continue reading Opossom: Fly (Video)

Song Reviews

Lawrence Arabia: Traveling Shoes MP3

“Traveling Shoes” by Lawrence Arabia has an undeniable cool to it, an untouchable hipness. Blending classic baroque pop sensibilities with modern, catchy lyrical rhythms, “Traveling Shoes” is harmonic orchestral pop at its true finest. True to the artist’s library of work under this moniker, including previous LP Chant Darling, “Traveling Shoes” is packed with witty… Continue reading Lawrence Arabia: Traveling Shoes MP3


The Eversons: Hyacinth Girl (Video)

Sunny pop hooks clash with punk riffs and witty lyrics/vocals in The Everson’s debut LP, Summer Feeling. Influences run rampant, ranging from a predilection toward the vocal harmonies of 60s pop, early pop-punk, and more recent art wave. The New Zealand band’s guitar-based features Mark Turner of Little Pictures as lead vocalist (well, one of… Continue reading The Eversons: Hyacinth Girl (Video)

Album Reviews

Surf City: Kudos [Album Review]

At first, I found Surf City to give off those lo-fi garage vibes, with loud, swirling guitars and dreamy barely decipherable vocals. This led me to jot down a quick description; Surf City creates harmonically blissful, fuzzed-out lo-fi pop. As Kudos continues, I began hearing traces of psych-pop which ultimately morphed into a continual, hazy… Continue reading Surf City: Kudos [Album Review]

Song Reviews

The Ruby Suns: Cranberry [mp3]

Sometimes a song exudes sunshine. “Cranberry” by The Ruby Suns is one such a song. A frivolously feathered song of big band regality, singing sirens and all-together chaos, this new tune captures the noises our parents asked us to keep quiet when we were young. The antithetical mixing of simple synthesized backbeats and dripping vocals… Continue reading The Ruby Suns: Cranberry [mp3]

Song Reviews

The Bats: Face Inside The Sun [mp3]

With select bands, especially in the arena of indie pop, you always know what you’re going to get. And with these bands, you know that what you get will be good. They’re trustworthy in that manner – you see it with artists that have longevity on their side; ten, possibly even fifteen years. The Bats… Continue reading The Bats: Face Inside The Sun [mp3]


Little Pictures: This House Can Fit Us All [Video]

Written by Fense Here’s the latest video from New Zealand’s very own Little Pictures (Homepage), an electro-pop outfit with affinity towards over-sized headphones, colorful cardigans, and robotic instrumentation. “This House Can Fit Us All” features, like much of Little Pictures’ music, lovable synth lines and male/female harmony vocals.