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Port St. Willow: Holiday (Album Review)

If there was anything off Port St. Willow‘s EP from 2010 that could have been emphasized more, in my opinion, it would have been more percussion. As it stood, Even // Wasteland was a viable effort that launched Nick Principe into the indie music limelight. Principe is back with a full length LP called Holiday… Continue reading Port St. Willow: Holiday (Album Review)

Album Reviews

Duchess Leo: Golden Gray [Album Review]

It’s not too often an album hooks me in the first 15 seconds of the opening track. New York duo Duchess Leo (Daniel Ryan and Todd Buchler) has managed to do so however. Heavy and loose, stable and whimsical, clean and a little bit hazy their debut album Golden Gray is tightly woven music with… Continue reading Duchess Leo: Golden Gray [Album Review]

Cover Art

Air Waves: EP [Cover Art]

Last week I featured Air Waves’ song “Keys” in the third installment of the FensePost Podcast and I made reference to this post. You see, a while back I created a little page called Cover Art and I did it outside of FensePost. Ultimately this site is the one that dominates my time, and I… Continue reading Air Waves: EP [Cover Art]

Song Reviews

Woom: Quetzalcoatl’s Ship [mp3]

The thing I love about Ba Da Bing is that you never really know what you’re going to get, but you can always trust the fact that it will be 1) almost entirely unique, and 2) extremely good. Enter one of the label’s latest bands, Woom. They fit the facts, producing minimalist experimental folk pop… Continue reading Woom: Quetzalcoatl’s Ship [mp3]

Album Reviews

Twin Sister: Color Your Life [Album Review]

Twin Sister pushes out one atmospheric pop song after another on Color Your Life, the band’s second EP. Opening tune “The Other Side Of Your Face” begins smooth and soft, but gradually grows into a minimalistic, calming fuzz drone by the end of the song. One part post-rock jam and one part electro-shoe-gaze drone, Twin… Continue reading Twin Sister: Color Your Life [Album Review]