Hey New York: Date Marnie Stern. Seriously.

That scene in Hi Fidelity. You know the one — Rob, Dick and Barry are in the club listening to Marie De Salle play that Peter Frampton cover and they talk about dating/living with a musician. Hopeless romantics, the lot of ’em. Well, if you’re a single dude in New York and you can relate… Continue reading Hey New York: Date Marnie Stern. Seriously.

Song Reviews

Darlings: Nothing I Don’t Care For

Brooklyn slacker pop outfit Darlings have been a long-time favorite. Darlings from 2009 was a top LP for that year, and their Warma EP follow-up in 2010 followed suit for EPs. Then they went silent for a year or so before giving us a 7″ single with Pet The Ghost in 2012 with the promise… Continue reading Darlings: Nothing I Don’t Care For


Wickerbird: Druids (MP3 Co-Premiere)

Wickerbird is a relatively new band from Mount Rainier, Washington artist Blake Cowan. Cowan is set to release The Crow Mother in the near future, and FensePost is excited to co-premiere “Druids” from the band’s new LP. What you get is highly melodic, guitar-centric bedroom folk-pop, much like one of our favorite albums of the… Continue reading Wickerbird: Druids (MP3 Co-Premiere)


Ravens & Chimes: Division Street (Video)

Ravens & Chimes is a New York art-pop band fronted by Asher Lack (son of famed artist Stephen Lack). The band has been together now since 2005, having released their debut LP Reichenbach Falls in 2007 and a follow-up EP in 2009. Ravens & Chimes is poised to give listeners their sophomore release, Holiday Life,… Continue reading Ravens & Chimes: Division Street (Video)

Song Reviews

Bikini: American Mourning [mp3]

There’s something sexy about “American Mourning” by Bikini. You almost feel a little strange for liking it so much. It may be the continuous and occasional monotony of the song’s electronic beats. Or it could be the playful vocal pattern in the verse. Whatever it is, it’s intoxicating. It’s like a car crash — you… Continue reading Bikini: American Mourning [mp3]