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Best of 2008: Fense’s Top 33 & 1/3 Albums of the Year

Written by Fense The year is over. We have a new president about to take office, a failing economy, and out of control weather. The good news is that last year saw some amazing albums hit and, thanks to the rampant oppression of hard times, next year should prove just as fruitful music-wise. After all,… Continue reading Best of 2008: Fense’s Top 33 & 1/3 Albums of the Year

Album Reviews

Hot Lava: Lavalogy [Album Review]

This is what happens when old stodgy people like myself start listening to bands like Hot Lava and albums like Lavology. We start dancing awkwardly in our bedrooms at ungodly hours well past our company-required bedtimes. We start talking like we’re 14 again (of course, using more modern slang like BFF and WTF and ROLF) and stop using caps and punctuation.


Bye Bye Bicycle [Feature Band]

Written by Fense I don’t know about the rest of the world, but we here in America like to binge. Be it binge drinking, binge eating, binge buying. We gorge ourselves to the point of being quite disgusting. I am part of the problem, and a recent visit to the Cloudberry Records website saw me… Continue reading Bye Bye Bicycle [Feature Band]

Album Reviews

Fugu: As Found [Album Review]

Written by Fense I didn’t check out Fugu 1, the debut LP by Fugu, until well after its release. Featuring an impressive lineup of French and European pop artists, Fugu’s music is a blend of pop styles, from the upbeat to the softly melancholy. And, to continue the trend, I’m just now checking out Fugu’s… Continue reading Fugu: As Found [Album Review]


All The Saints [Feature Band]

Written by Fense Sometimes when I review an album, I like to go in fresh, knowing nothing of the group, their influences, what people thing they sound like, what I expect them to sound like, et cetera, et cetera. Tonight I’m sitting in The Old Edison Inn, one of the few restaurants in Edison —… Continue reading All The Saints [Feature Band]


Johanna And The Dusty Floor [Feature Band]

Written by Fense Bathed in orange light from an Ikea touch-lamp, I sat down at my kitchen table a few evenings ago. On the table I placed three things: 1) a box of organic ginger snaps, which was to be my dinner as I did not feel like cooking, 2) my white MacBook, 3) a… Continue reading Johanna And The Dusty Floor [Feature Band]


A.Armada [Feature Band]

Written by Fense In music, it is very rare to create something entirely new. To break ground would be to christen a new instrument, one that does something bizarre, one that sounds like no other. Or to use an instrument in a way that has never been done before. Moments like these have spawned great… Continue reading A.Armada [Feature Band]


Cake On Cake [Feature Band]

Written by Fense One of the first noticeable items about Cake On Cake (MySpace) is the name. It’s a sweet (no pun intended) take on Bob Dylan’s classic Blonde On Blonde. The two, of course, have little, if anything, in common. It’s there; but that’s not really important in the bigger scheme of things, now,… Continue reading Cake On Cake [Feature Band]