Song Reviews

Sonic Avenues: Television Youth MP3

“Television Youth” blends power pop, garage rock and fuzzy punk for a fun — playful, even — sound that reminds me a bit of the early works by The Thermals. The band is Sonic Avenues, the latest addition to Dirtnap Records. They are four Montreal natives (you can just barely hear that French Canadian accent… Continue reading Sonic Avenues: Television Youth MP3


The Luyas: Tiny Head [Video]

I’m finding it hard to get over how trippy this video is, and I’m not entirely convinced that’s a good thing. Case in point, I felt the same way about “Casual” by Here We Go Magic. That video was so raw and shocking, it made me look at the song… differently… for a while. And… Continue reading The Luyas: Tiny Head [Video]


No Joy: Hawaii [NSFW Video]

As always when NSFW appears in the headline, an immediate disclaimer noting that this video is not safe for work must apply. At least, that’s a phrase to make me feel more comfortable. Along the same lines, if you’re under 18, turn away now as your parents will not likely enjoy you watching this video.… Continue reading No Joy: Hawaii [NSFW Video]

Album Reviews

Leif Vollebekk: Inland [Album Review]

Raw, naked, Leif Vollebekk lays it all out like a modern day Jeff Buckley, Elliott Smith, or better yet Nick Drake. It’s doubtful Vollebekk will succumb to the same fate; there more hope in his music, a powerful thing that pulls the listener in. Inland is packed with the sound, from the pleasant instrumentation of… Continue reading Leif Vollebekk: Inland [Album Review]


Wolf Parade [Feature]

After two phenomenal albums, Apologies To The Queen Mary and At Mount Zoomer respectively, many of us have been looking forward to Wolf Parade‘s third. That day is near, meaning Sub Pop has now given us a taste of what to expect. And our expectations have been fulfilled — “What Did My Lover Say? (It… Continue reading Wolf Parade [Feature]

Album Reviews

Devil Eyes: Devil Eyes [Album Review]

Down the street, in a garage, a sonic protuberance is waiting to penetrate your feeble mind. Generally music occupies a wide frequency spectrum; especially fancy major label recordings. Devil Eyes acknowledges the spectrum and declines most of its necessity. “Who needs slight cymbal splashes at 21khz?” No one. A bastion of fuzz, Devil Eyes compresses… Continue reading Devil Eyes: Devil Eyes [Album Review]