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A Retrospective Look at Animal of One by The Fresh & Onlys

I’ve been crushing on The Fresh & Onlys since their widely heralded 2009 LP Grey-Eyed Girls. (Hard to believe that it’s almost been a decade since that release.) A year later, Play it Strange would become one of my favorite sleeper albums of the year. However, it wasn’t until two years later that they were… Continue reading A Retrospective Look at Animal of One by The Fresh & Onlys

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The Fresh & Onlys: Soothsayer EP (Album Review)

The Fresh & Onlys are back with a new EP called Soothsayer, due September 24 on Mexican Summer and it finds The Fresh & Onlys in an odd place. Transitioning from a once hard-hitting rock band into one with some depth, the band presents three louder songs, and three softer ones. This is a band… Continue reading The Fresh & Onlys: Soothsayer EP (Album Review)

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Long Slow Dance is The Fresh & Onlys’ Best Album

Long Slow Dance is, for the most part, a departure from the rough and the grit of Play It Strange for something I can only describe as a bit more contemporary. I know, right!? It sounds strange to say that, given The Fresh & Onlys‘ occasional penchant for noisy, rambunctious (albeit not overly so) psychedelic-tinged… Continue reading Long Slow Dance is The Fresh & Onlys’ Best Album

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Mike Wexler: Pariah

Mexican Summer is the type of label that when it puts out an album, you give it your full attention. Unfortunately, I’ve been vacant of late. This is tragic, though the good news is that Mike Wexler has brought me back into the Mexican Summer light. A dreamy psychedelic pop sound, filled with chill ambient… Continue reading Mike Wexler: Pariah

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Best Coast: Crazy For You [Album Review]

Get ready for your summer 2010 album. Best Coast returns after a successful 7″ release for “She Was High (So Was I)” and last year’s Something In The Way with Crazy For Your. Coming to us via the always astounding Mexican Summer label, Best Coast dishes out the lo-fi garage pop sound everyone’s been raving… Continue reading Best Coast: Crazy For You [Album Review]


Campfires [Feature]

Campfires creates what I would dub as melodic noise pop. Harmony is created through peaceful chords and the chaotic, fuzzy percussion is organized nicely with synchronous guitar strums. Campfires will warm your soul on a mildly chilly evening. The woody smell of smoke permeates these songs, wafting circular with the wind and occasionally burning the… Continue reading Campfires [Feature]


Washed Out [Feature]

Washed Out channels an 80s-style synth pop and hones the influence into a soft, electro-atmospheric calm. There’s this airy quality about the songs, from the more electronic “You’ll See It” and “Hold Out” to the softer, laid-back “Feel It All Around”. Washed Out is on par with The Radio Dept. circa “Against The Tide”. It… Continue reading Washed Out [Feature]

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Golden Triangle: Golden Triangle [Album Review]

Insanity comes in many forms, most undesirable. However, there is one that is much more intriguing and inspirational than the others: audible insanity. Golden Triangle (MySpace) is the perfect example of outstanding audible insanity. It can be heard in their music, and seen in the photographs of their live performances. They don’t call it garage… Continue reading Golden Triangle: Golden Triangle [Album Review]