Ariana Delawari [Feature]

Ariana Delawari‘s psychedelic folk is epic. Her voluble wail is filled with power and vibrato that’s rarely matched. The only voice that comes close to possessing the strength of Delawari’s is perhaps that of Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond). There’s a lot of passion behind “San Francisco” that keeps the song unquestionably fresh, and it’s… Continue reading Ariana Delawari [Feature]


Warpaint: Elephants [Video]

I’m not typically one to enjoy your run-of-the-mill music video that merely shows the band performing, but it’s hard to not like this video. Warpaint consists of three quite attractive ladies who like to perform in the most seductive of ways, and who are supported by an outstanding percussionist. Put that theme to excellent shoegaze… Continue reading Warpaint: Elephants [Video]


Warpaint: Stars [Video]

Warpaint combines hypnotic, surreal vocals with a backing sound somewhere between psychedelic and shoegaze. It would be calming were it not for the anxious tension in the instrumentation, continually pressing forward. They use it well, beginning “Stars” with a simple minimalistic guitar. Warpaint pairs this dreamy sound with a video muddled in darkness, yet at… Continue reading Warpaint: Stars [Video]