Ah Holly Fam’ly: All Unfolding [Video]

It’s already obvious to me that Reservoir by Ah Holly Fam’ly is a contender for a top 10 position of my Best of 2009 list. And, after several listens, “All Unfolding” has quickly taken the lead as my favorite track off the album. Much of its pinnacle placement is due to the dominating presence of… Continue reading Ah Holly Fam’ly: All Unfolding [Video]

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Ah Holly Fam’ly: Reservoir [Album Review]

On the rare occasion that you are given the honor of watching a band grow from humble and minimal beginnings to something more, it is something that must not be taken lightly. So it is with caution I approach this review of Reservoir as, buried somewhere in the midst of seemingly hundreds of boxes of… Continue reading Ah Holly Fam’ly: Reservoir [Album Review]


Horse Feathers [Feature Band]

Horse Feathers conjure an older definition of “gothic” in their music. It is the term as used in Southern fiction—at once horrible and beautiful. Like Flannery O’Connor’s short stories or Tennessee Williams’ plays, the songs are populated by families and lovers that are grotesque in the way that they can barely conceal their terrible pain,… Continue reading Horse Feathers [Feature Band]