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Does Last Leaves’ New LP Pick Up Where The Lucksmiths Left Off?

It’s been a while since I’ve written about a new band and a new release. Of late, my sights have been in the opposite direction: the past. Over the past several years, my collection has expanded greatly, but additions have predominantly had release dates anywhere from 5 to 50 years back. Case in point: if… Continue reading Does Last Leaves’ New LP Pick Up Where The Lucksmiths Left Off?

Song Reviews

The Lucksmiths: Get-To-Bed Birds [mp3]

The Lucksmiths broke up just over a year ago now, and they’re finally giving us what they promised at the time — a posthumous single of what may have been their last original recordings. The single is titled Get-To-Bed Birds after the A-side track, and it is available via Lost & Lonesome Records of Australia… Continue reading The Lucksmiths: Get-To-Bed Birds [mp3]

Album Reviews

The Zebras: Worry A Lot [Album Review]

Worry A Lot marks second release by The Zebras, following their self-titled debut from 2004. The album is crafted with the jangle pop that made the twee movements of C86 and Sarah Records so lovable. From the punchy guitar to the driving percussion, each song contains the power to knock you off your feet. The… Continue reading The Zebras: Worry A Lot [Album Review]


Je Suis Animal: Fortune Map [Video]

Always one to champion the latest fuzzed-out pop group, I cannot help but talk up Je Suis Animal. Their songs boast the heavy guitar distortion and pointed percussion so rampant in some of today’s greatest artists, with a soft and smooth vocal styling not typically found in groups such as this. And that’s what makes… Continue reading Je Suis Animal: Fortune Map [Video]

Album Reviews

The Zebras: New Ways Of Risking Our Lives [Album Review]

“A Day On Black Mountain Road” isn’t nearly as upbeat as some of The Zebras earlier work. At least, it doesn’t seem like it at first. It’s the chord progressions — they’re slightly darker. This is not necessarily a criticism rather than an objective side comment. It’s a small stray from the past that pops… Continue reading The Zebras: New Ways Of Risking Our Lives [Album Review]


Nedelle [Feature Band]

God, love is a crazy thing. It makes you do crazy things, have crazy feelings, and be… well… crazy. Distance only enhances the longing. Like right now — I really, really miss my girlfriend. It’s the knowledge that she’s there, laying in my bed in my condo without me, lonely just like me. Yet I… Continue reading Nedelle [Feature Band]


The Smallgoods [Feature Band]

Written by Fense Now here’s a label I haven’t checked out in a while — Lost And Lonesome Recordings, Australia’s premiere source for great indie pop from down under. This group, The Smallgoods, makes folk music with a light inclusion of simple pop traits. For one, there’s the compounded, harmony vocals, often featuring more than… Continue reading The Smallgoods [Feature Band]