PDX Pop Now! 2011 Edition

Yesterday we covered a new track from Portland folk outfit Death Songs called “Wounds” off the new PDX Pop Now! compilation. We talked a little bit about the band and the song, and had a few words to say about the organization as well. That wasn’t enough; it’s high time I let slip a little… Continue reading PDX Pop Now! 2011 Edition


Loch Lomond [Feature]

I’ve been searching for a “perfect for a fall day” sound for a while now and with Loch Lomond I just might have found it. Based in Portland, OR, a music Mecca that seems to be brimming with promising artists these days, Loch Lomond’s songs are swept with some-what Scottish lilted melodies and covered in… Continue reading Loch Lomond [Feature]

Lists And Mixes

Song, By Toad [Label Spotlight]

Song, By Toad Records is a little label introduced to me by friend and FensePost favorite Jon Rooney (Virgin of the Birds, Abandoned Love Records). It all began as a blog based in Edinburgh which, like this blog, posts album reviews, various features and podcasts (coming soon to this blog). With each release containing between… Continue reading Song, By Toad [Label Spotlight]