Song Reviews

The Ruby Suns: Kingfisher Call Me

Have you heard this yet!? I’m talking about “Kingfisher Call Me” by The Ruby Suns off their forthcoming LP Christopher. The song is giving me intense chills right now! It’s easily the best thing I’ve heard ever from The Ruby Suns. Check minute 3:08. It’s like the end of “TMNT Mask” by Chad VanGaalen (off… Continue reading The Ruby Suns: Kingfisher Call Me


The Eversons: Hyacinth Girl (Video)

Sunny pop hooks clash with punk riffs and witty lyrics/vocals in The Everson’s debut LP, Summer Feeling. Influences run rampant, ranging from a predilection toward the vocal harmonies of 60s pop, early pop-punk, and more recent art wave. The New Zealand band’s guitar-based features Mark Turner of Little Pictures as lead vocalist (well, one of… Continue reading The Eversons: Hyacinth Girl (Video)

Song Reviews

The Brunettes: Red Rollerskates [mp3]

Artists like Archetecture in Helsinki, Mates of State and The Brunettes have always walked a thin line between amazing melodies and silly songs. It’s true. With sweet twee-worthy tunes and borderline wince-inducing lyrics, a new album could easily dissuade a listener if not crafted properly. You saw that with that quite sad remix album AiH… Continue reading The Brunettes: Red Rollerskates [mp3]