On the Radio

Fense’s Radio Show: June 29, 2012

And like that, half the year is gone. For the doomsdayists, that means less than half a year until it all comes crashing to an end. In light of being prepared, I picked up a new little toy this last week: a beastly, black on black 1979 El Camino. The thing has a 350 V8,… Continue reading Fense’s Radio Show: June 29, 2012

Song Reviews

Levek: Black Mold Grow

Lefse Records is poised to release the debut LP by Levek this coming September, on which you can find their brand new track “Black Mold Grow”. We’ve seen Levek before; Father/Daughter Records gave us a 7-inch for their single “Look on the Bright Side” a year or so ago, and hearing they’ve got new music… Continue reading Levek: Black Mold Grow